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The Global Regulatory Impact Index

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Events of the past two years have led to disruptive regulatory change in even the most mature markets.

The result: payments firms must now prepare for sudden bursts of change with little prior warning.

In The Global Regulatory Impact Index, VIXIO offers a detailed analysis of this uncertain global regulatory landscape – a must-have companion for businesses keen to combine the micro and macro view of regulatory change to help with their 2022 planning.

The micro and macro view of global regulatory change

A data-driven analysis of the key trends in global regulatory events

The Global Regulatory Impact Index is created from thousands of regulatory data points across 58 jurisdictions*.

In this first, detailed report, we examine the regulatory landscape across the full year 2021 and reveal whether the state of flux wrought by COVID-19 is likely to remain into 2022.

*An increase from 45 in 2021.

The tool is simple to use, provides succinct market information, and allows our team to keep abreast of consultations, changes, as well as industry and market developments.

Matt Buchanan, Head of Compliance & MLRO,

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The true impact of the COVID-19 crisis on regulation

Following a steep rise in actionable regulatory events in Q4 2019, activity plunged during the pandemic, with primary legislation shelved to focus on emergency measures.

In The Global Regulatory Impact Index, we examine the likelihood of core regulations that were placed on hold picking back up in 2022, as well as the ongoing consequences of a distinct split in strategies that emerged during the COVID-19 crisis.  We also delve into how the ongoing fallout from Brexit is fuelling regulatory uncertainty across Europe.

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