2022 Payments Compliance Outlook

The Paradigm Shift Towards Growth

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During the depths of the challenges of 2020, few in the payments industry would have anticipated a pendulum swing from firefighting, to accelerated growth within just 18 months. But that’s exactly what the leading global payments companies are anticipating, with 73% of compliance executives ‘very optimistic’ about what 2022 will bring – and 80% already preparing for aggressive expansion.

80% of payments compliance executives are planning for M&A activity in 2022

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In this critical new report, VIXIO PaymentsCompliance reveals the opinions and strategic priorities of the world’s leading payments companies for the next 12 months.

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Matt Buchanan, Head of Compliance & MLRO, Checkout.com

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For the 113 senior compliance, legal and risk executives surveyed for this report, opportunities for growth in 2022 will revolve around improving and maximising the customer experience over back-end infrastructure improvements. New product licensing and new market entry will take priority, with countries in Western Europe identified as key territories for expansion.

Importantly, the report reveals how compliance will play a core role in delivering growth, as compliance teams reinvent themselves from an auxiliary function, to a centre for competitive advantage.

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