Live Webinar: April 4th, 2024 | 
2pm BST |  9am ET 

In recent years, advertising restrictions have taken centre stage in the world of responsible gambling regulation. As the gambling industry continues to evolve, calls on responsible gambling regulation and regulatory pressure on gambling advertising show no signs of slowing. Organisations can no longer rely on manual research to keep up.

Join Vixio GamblingCompliance’s Regulatory Research Lead, Allegra Lapetina, and Key Account Manager, Gareth Owens, for a webinar that addresses this challenge. They’ll be dissecting future-facing insights in key jurisdictions from our recent Advertising Outlook report, usually reserved for customers only, alongside showing you how to use the Vixio GamblingCompliance Advertising Comparative Overview Tool to survey the current state of advertising regulations in these jurisdictions.

During this webinar, you will discover:

  • What the Advertising Comparative Overview Tool is, and how it works
  • How the tool can be used to highlight differences in advertising requirements, and to help identify where similar policy can be applied in multiple markets
  • Some of the interesting differences in how gambling is regulated in various jurisdictions across the world 

Our Speakers:

  • Allegra Lapetina, Regulatory Research Lead, Vixio
  • Gareth Owens, Key Account Manager, Vixio 

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