Live Webinar: July 23rd 2024 | 11am BST

It’s now over a year since the white paper was published and the Gambling Act Review is in full swing, but several key questions remain unanswered.

Robust affordability checks, the safer gambling levy, a gambling ombudsman and many more promised reforms are still to be delivered, with the arrival of a new government adding another layer of unpredictability.

In this webinar, we bring a panel of experts and key decision-makers back together to discuss this evolving era of gambling regulation in the UK and what it means for gambling businesses in Britain.


  • Moderator: Joe Ewens, Global Managing Editor, Vixio
  • Tim Miller, Executive Director, The Gambling Commission
  • Sarah Fox, Deputy Director - Gambling and Lotteries, Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport
  • Bahar Alaeddini, Partner, Harris Hagan
  • Dan Waugh, Partner, Regulus Partners

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