Contributing to a better understanding of problem gambling in Europe

Protecting consumers and minimising gambling-related harm is a crucial policy objective for gambling regulation. However, divergences in national reporting frameworks make it more challenging to compare levels of problem gambling across European countries. As safer gambling demands increase, creating a more shared understanding of problem gambling across Europe could help to inform and implement more effective prevention policies.

As part of European Safer Gambling Week 2022, we invite you to join VIXIO and the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) for an exclusive webinar that dives into the heart of the discussion. Assess the topic in-depth with experts and discover the next steps to understand problem gambling across Europe better.

Attendees will learn:

  • A clearer understanding of problem gambling and the factors behind it
  • How problem gambling could be better measured throughout Europe and why consistency is crucial
  • What a best practice approach would look like, and how can effective policies be developed to minimise gambling-related harm

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The latest available data shows level of problem gambling in European countries range from between 0.3% to 6.4% of the adult population 

Minimising Gambling-Related Harm: 


Webinar: October 17

10-11AM GMT / 11-12PM CEST

About Our Speakers

Professor Sally Gainsbury, University of Sydney

Director, Gambling Treatment & Research Clinic

Professor Sally Gainsbury is the Director of the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic at the University of Sydney. The Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic aims to provide evidence-based treatment, conduct world-leading research, and translate knowledge to inform practices and policies to minimise gambling-related harms. 

Dr Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University

Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction

Dr. Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at the Nottingham Trent University and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit. He has spent 35 years in the field and is internationally known for his work on gambling, gaming and behavioural addictions. He has published over 1300 peer-reviewed research papers, six books, over 180 book chapters, and over 1500 articles.

Joe Ewens, VIXIO GamblingCompliance

Global Managing Editor

Joe is the Global Managing Editor at VIXIO GamblingCompliance where he oversees the editorial news and analysis of the gambling market and its constantly evolving regulatory challenges. Joe has covered the U.S. and European gambling industry since 2008.

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Dr Margaret Carran, City, University of London

Associate Professor in Law & Associate Dean

Dr Margaret Carran is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Education) at City, University
London who is currently actively researching gambling regulations, protection of minors from
gambling related-harm and gambling harmonisation attempts. Most recently Margaret undertook two major research projects on behalf of European Gaming and Betting Association on regulation of gambling across European Member States and on how European countries monitor and measure gambling engagement and gambling problem prevalence levels within their jurisdictions.

Dr David Forsström, Department of Psychology, Uppsala University

Associate Professor Department of Psychology and Researcher at Karolinska institutet and Stockholm University.

David Forsström is a psychologist and an associate professor at the Department of Psychology at
Uppsala university. He also works as a researcher at the Competence centre for psychotherapy at the Centre for psychiatry research at Karolinska Institutet and at the Department of Psychology at
Stockholm university. His main research focus is responsible gambling and the prevention of